Sopor Aeternus, Über den Fluss

Типа в рамке возможностей кляйнкунстов, мелких искусств: чуть-чуть и быстро, как мелкий укольчик — безвредный и, в общем, бессмысленный, но зато есть его — укольчика — факт. From the Album «Es reiten die Toten so schnell»:

«He woke up, as his flesh fell off … slice by slice,
Floating high up in the air, more than ten-thousand miles.
He said, he was crucified underneath a baneful sky,
Had nails through feet and hands,
Yes, also nails in his eyes.
In defiance of all living things he hang there … upside down,
His poor, vicious face almost touching the ground.
He knows well where he’s been,
Don’t let him in !!!

He claimed twelve-thousand crucifixes transformed
into distorted sombre trees,
Blood ran down their scarred trunks,
Gushed slowly dripping out of the leaves.
The offering gathered in a chalice, all golden,
Held by the dirty hands of a black-bearded man,
His face sheer spitefulness.
He knows well where he’s been;
So, don’t let him, don’t let him in …
Don’t let him in !!!»

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